Friday, April 13, 2007

New Hosting & First LIVE Episode (Kinda)

I have been looking around and I am switching podcast hosts. The first episode will remain on switchpod, but the rest will be on talkshoe. Talkshoe is a live podcast recording site. There are pros and cons:

For each episode downloaded, and every live listener, I'll get money to help with improving the sound quality.

The quality goes from MP4 to MP3. Not a horrible difference, but there is one. If you would like your podcast in a different format, let me know and I will hand-email out the different versions. I hope that you would do the talkshoe version to support the podcast.

PLEASE tune in for our LIVE recordings, as they will be posted on the Talkshoe page at:

The great thing is that you can now listen live to all my mess-ups, flaws, and other stuff. The plus side is that you can call in to be on the program and ask questions and be interviewed LIVE. Thanks for bearing with us on this switch, as it will be better for all of us. You can either use the feeds provided here, or use the talkshoe feeds, as they will be updated the same.

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